About Us



Advisors Group is a consulting practice with a core group of highly experienced team of professionals in areas such as Executive Search & Recruitment, Management consulting, Corporate restructuring, Employer branding and Team acceleration plans.

What to expect from us



Experience and Expertise. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, each with at least 10 years of experience in one or some of the following practice: Headhunting, Recruitment, internal HR and HR audit, Management consulting, general management

Broad network of contacts – built from our Consultants and carefully nurtured and developed on the basis of openness and mutual benefit.



An Open and Proactive Approach – We will take the lead, generate ideas and strategies, allowing your organization to handle the daily revenue-generating activities essential to continued success and financial sustainability.

Clarity and Focus – we take each project individually and spend time on researching the market, competitors, possible strategies and planning to propose customized solution for effective results

customized solution for effective results


Visibility and Credibility. Our trusted team will ensure that prospective candidates understand the importance and responsibilities of the position, the career path branches it entails, and the challenges your organization faces

Depth and Breadth. Our approach dives beneath the surface, identifying key soft skills and provides structured and unbiased solutions to our clients



Confidentiality. Advisors group engages to keep confidentiality regarding all shared information and the whole project. We create a confidential information sharing and learning community for data to be uploaded in a password-protected environment. We also refrain from soliciting any employees of the organization for other positions or projects with other clients

A Guarantee and follow up for the projects we worked together on.